Soccer Evolution Program

If your son’s goal is to be a professional soccer player, then this program is for him! 🙋🏻‍♂️

Our very own and unique “Soccer Evolution Program” is a completely methodical and scientific (based and measured in statistics) intensive training program that takes, step by step (21 levels), the soccer player’s production statistics to a high-performance level. 📈
«High-performance» is probably one of the most misunderstood and/or subjectized concepts. But what does this mean exactly? 🤔
How many balls does a top soccer player recover per match? How many passes does he make per match? What is the accuracy percentage of those passes? How many assists does he do per match? How many times does he dribble the opponents per match? How many times does he shoot to the goal per match? How many goals does he score per match? How many km/mi does he run per match? And finally, what is the maximum speed that he reaches while doing all of the above? 🏃🏻
All those questions are what we have to answer in order to clearly identify what «high performance» means in our sport, only then we can effectively work to bring a youth soccer player to that level for real. 🔝
That’s exactly what the Soccer Evolution Program does: it makes your son a High-Performance Soccer Player, based on the stats/numbers of the top 10 by position soccer players in the world. 🏆
If you think he is ready to evolve at the highest level, contact us right now, we are looking forward to taking him to the elite of world Soccer. ⚽️
Note: this program is for youth soccer players in advanced level aged 13 years old and up that are serious about becoming professional soccer players. 📜
P.S. If you or he are not willing to commit 1000%, please don’t contact us. 🚫

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